Dynamic fingers fixation


Digifix Description


Sterile single-use articulated dynamic external fixator

including key for assembly and disassembly


Advantages and benefits

  • Pivot lock- Early mobilization of the joint
  • Composite materials – light for the patient
  • Radio transparent, allows better monitoring
  • of the trauma
  • Two possible positions for each pin
  • Exercise protocol available for each patient

Structure of the product and materials


Polyphenylsulfone body – PPSU black

Invasive elements in steel pursuant to ASTM F138 – ISO 5832-2

References and variants available 1060-1002


Indications / use

  • IFP Articular fractures
  • MF Articular fractures
  • Open fractures of phalanges and / or
  • associated with loss of soft tissue
  • Unstable metaphyseal fractures
  • Setting the relaxation force