The Gexfix device is a high technology, lightweight, x-ray transparent, external fixation system for trauma orthopaedics. Its design and manufacture make it available to a great many individuals. It is made in Switzerland and distributed worldwide.


The Gexfix fixator affords total freedom to the surgeon to insert the PINS, as well as an optimal ease of use thanks to the reduced number of ancillary items.

Gexfix is provided:


Sterile: Standard sterile kits and made-to-measure sterile kits. The sterile kit allows an optimal inventory control for hospitals as well as a clear indication of costs.

Non-sterile: The product is offered as a multi-component package. Each box can be used for several operations and provides total freedom to the surgeon for delicate or difficult operations. Any used components can be re-ordered to complete the set.


The product is certified CE by Gmed and FDA approved. Thanks to the quality of its product and the empowerment given to those who support the product, Gexfix has never needed to make any recalls from the market.