TGF - Tension Guide Fixation


The Tension Guide Fixation – TGF, for superior humerus fractures is based on two Kirschner wires placed under tension and stabilized by two pins connected by a single “L” body.

Using TGF system, the more invasive traditional methods can be avoided even in presence of osteoporosis.

The TGF system allows the treatment of fracture in a simple way, quick and efficient, and most important, and permits mobilization of limb as soon as surgery is completed ensuring rapid healing and functional recovery of treated.


Product description


1 «L» bar left/right

4 Connexion 9

2 Pin D4 x 145

2 Kirschner Wire 2,5mm

4 Reduction sleeve 5/9

2 Reduction sleeve 2,5/9

2 Reduction sleeve 4/9